Inside Lizzys professional grooming studio
Adorable Miniture cavoodle cross shih tzu groom
Lizzy blow drying small dog
Cavoodle groom, ready for Summer.
Maltese dog groomed and waiting to be collected
Choodle Rocky feeling fresh
Cocker spaniel full groom
Bath time for Cavoodle
Grooming small Cavoodle at Lizzy’s
Lowchen Cavalier puppy cut
Poodle mix round teddy bear face
Large Labradoodle dog grooming
Young Maltese Shih Tzu fluffy puppy cut
Choodle dog grooming round face
Fluffy professional puppy groom
Maltese x Shih Tzu silky coat professionally groomed
Young Cavoodle at Lizzy’s Dog Grooming
Mini Schnauzer breed cut with beard
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